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High School Immersion
for Educators

Have you ever wondered what Charlotte Mason methods in the Upper Years look like? Do you have a high schooler and want encouragement and insight into making these final years with your student rich, meaningful and preparatory? This additional session to the Living Streams Retreat is for you.


High school is a time of deepening and a continuation of the principles and practices of Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy. Come and join other educators this experience - a day immersed in Charlotte Mason methods as a student in Nancy Kelly’s high school. 


Lessons for older students that will be demonstrated may include science, citizenship, Bible, composition, geography, picture study, literature, history, math, and other subjects. Attendees experience being the student, practicing different forms of narration and sampling the banquet of ideas which brings a fuller understanding of the method.


Check-in at 8:30 a.m. in Hadley Hall
High School Immersion
9 a.m. - Noon
Lunch included

Q&A Session 1 - 3 p.m

Nancy has graduated six of her own children using Mason’s methods and teaches many others in her CM Community – TBG Teens (The Hive). 

Register for the High School Immersion when you register for the main, Living Streams Education Retreat. High School Immersion can not be attended separately.

“In my heart I knew that making the change to the Charlotte Mason philosophy of schooling was right for our family, but just reading about implementation on websites wasn’t giving me the confidence I needed to make the change.  When a friend invited me to attend one of Nancy Kelly’s high school immersions, I jumped at the chance to experience something, although I’ll admit now that I wasn’t sure what I was in for.  Becoming the student during the high school immersion experience illuminated several things for me.  There is a hungry student in all of us!    My mind was fed and my soul energized by the work we were doing, and I couldn’t wait to share that energy with my kids.  Learning is hard work, and I knew it was going to take time and practice to implement.  Having felt the hard work, AND the payoff of that delicious learning energy, I wanted it even more for my kids, for my home.  The way we had been learning, while the best I could do, just didn’t seem like enough anymore. I experienced time management in such a beautiful, uplifting way- the short lessons were now alive to me.  I could now see the school day as both the whole and its parts.  The question and answer sessions that followed were an invaluable time to process and fine-tune the experience.  I went away with solid confidence in what I could create in my home- the atmosphere and day-to-day schedule no longer a mystery, but an experience I had had with my own heart and mind."

Sara F. 

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