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Charlotte Mason Education Retreat

April 26-28, 2024 | Rockaway Beach, OR

Registration coming soon...

This special Charlotte Mason educator's retreat will offer the peace and refreshment a living education can offer. It has been designed with community and encouragement in mind. Rich and practical living ideas will alight the salty seaside air of the most gorgeous retreat grounds on the Oregon Coast. Learn more about 

Plenary Speaker, Nancy Kelly,

the Schedule,

the Location

Take note of the optional, full day, High School Immersion scheduled to begin early on Friday, April 26 as an added experience before the main retreat begins. Open to anyone. Seating is limited. Register early.

"As a stream can rise no higher than its source, so it is probable that no educational effort can rise above the whole scheme of thought which gives it birth..."

-Charlotte Mason, Preface, Home Education Series

Our Planning Team

More about our planning team soon!


What is a Charlotte Mason Education?

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who believed that education was about more than training for a job, passing an exam, or getting into the right college. She said education was an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life; it was about finding out who we were and how we fit into the world of human beings and into the universe God created. But this kind of thinking was pretty much eclipsed during the 20th century by demands for more exams and more workers. In 1987, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay wrote a book called For the Children's Sake, which reintroduced parents to Charlotte Mason's methods and philosophy, and it started to gain a foothold with a new generation of homeschoolers.

Charlotte Mason believed that children are able to deal with ideas and knowledge, that they are not blank slates or empty sacks to be filled with information. She thought children should do the work of dealing with ideas and knowledge, rather than the teacher acting as a middle man, dispensing filtered knowledge. A Charlotte Mason education includes first-hand exposure to great and noble ideas through books in each school subject, and through art, music and poetry. 

There is some overlap in Charlotte Mason and classical schooling, especially in the upper years; but there are also differences in methods and viewpoint. CM is not unschooling, although it uses some informal teaching methods and does encourage a fair amount of free time, especially outdoors. It's not a back-to-basics approach, although the basics are not neglected, just taught in different ways. And it's not a unit study method, although history and literature studies are combined.

From by Anne White.

Will I have time to rest?

"A change of mind is a good as a rest." said Miss Mason. The retreat is designed for the tired, hard-working home educator (though all educators are encouraged to attend). Getting in a beautiful new environment, time set aside for relationships, pondering rich ideas and digesting them in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Plenary sessions are spaced, the schedule won't be rushed and all sessions are optional. The sessions are designed to infuse life and encouragement and direction into your life and homeschool.

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