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April 26-28, 2024 | Rockaway Beach, OR

THURS, April 25

4:30-5:30p Casual Check-in at Hadley Hall

5:30-6:30p Dinner-Register by 4/22 for Add-on Meals and Lodging

FRIDAY, April 26

9A to 3P

Optional High School Immersion Day, includes lunch
(Additional Registration Option Required)


7:30-8:30a    Optional Breakfast - Register by 4/22 to Add-on Meals and Lodging
8:30a        Check-in

9a to Noon  High School Immersion

Noon to 1p  Lunch provided


1 to 3p  Q&A/Discussion

Learn more about the High School Immersion.


3-5p Main Retreat Check-in at Hadley Hall

5:30-6:30p Dinner

6:45p Plenary Session #1: Learning to Live


“On my arrival at Ambleside I was interviewed by Miss Mason who asked me for what purpose I had come. I replied: ‘I have come to learn to teach.’ Then Miss Mason said: ‘My dear, you have come here to learn to live.’”

~ a new student at Charlotte Mason’s teacher training college  

If you thought you were here to understand how to homeschool using this philosophy, you will soon see that Charlotte had much more in mind. What did Charlotte Mason mean by "learn to live"? How did the House of Education training teach students how to live?  What patterns does Mason's own life offer us? No matter if you are at the beginning of your homeschool journey, in the thick of it, or an empty nester, we will examine how this living philosophy is for life and not solely for homeschooling.

8:45 p Fireside Book Discussion with Samara Root

Cozy up and gather round the fire to share your Common Place entries and digest thoughts and inspiration from the book Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Earley.

SATURDAY, April 27

7:30-8:30a Breakfast

9a Plenary Session #2: Getting Rid of the Weeds & Fostering Flowers
The Vital Role of Habits

This talk will examine the important and balanced emphasis of habits in a relational education. Charlotte Mason elaborates on the role of the parent when helping our children develop the type of habits that form fine character while weeding out the habits that will do them harm. As always, her advice is based on the whole child, not just outward expressions. We will look at the types of habits in a child’s life and Mason’s wise, commonsense approach to fostering the good.

11-11:45a Optional Breakout Groups I

  • Lifegiving Habits in the Early Years with Bethany Davis
    Habits in the early years are the foundation for habits in the school years. We will discuss ideas on where to start and a delightful way to approach these sweet and budding years of growth with your child.


  • The Habit of Notebooking with Erin Underwood & Jenna Harmon
    The habit of notebooking is counter cultural to today’s worksheet and multiple choice test culture! We will discuss what it is, when you implement it, and (most importantly) why Charlotte Mason and SO many others have promoted this form of slowing down and documenting what you’ve learned.


  • The Habit of Observation  
    Learn the about the local, coastal flora and fauna on a guided nature hike with Twin Rocks Outdoor School Staff

12-1p Lunch

1:15-2:30p Optional Breakout Groups II

  • Crafting the “Just Right Challenge” for You & Your Students with Amy Nyvall
    Sometimes we get “stuck.” Whether it’s a new skill, lack of motivation, just pure overwhelm - sometimes it’s hard to move forward. In this session Amy compliments the rich philosophy of Charlotte Mason and her ideas of habit training with neurosequential tools to craft a “just right challenge” for your student. Whether it's to grow our hearts, minds or bodies, this session will look at how to be faithful with our duties and gifts to serve God and love others. Amy shares from her own challenges as well as her experience and training as a certified parent coach with Connected Families.


  • The Habit of Nature Journaling with Ale Kauffman
    The Nature Journaling community has flourished in recent years, especially after the pandemic. Join me as I share my own experience with Nature Journaling in our homeschool as a Charlotte Mason educator. You will have the opportunity to participate in a Nature Journaling session as a student. Please be sure to bring your journal, watercolor paints, pencils and pens. There will be a Q&A following the practice.

Afternoon Occupations/Beach Time

5:30-6:30p Dinner

6:45p Plenary Session #3: Parentcraft - Courage

Charlotte Mason exhorts parents to have confidence and courage in their parenting, yet courage is not the first thing we usually pray for or think we need when it comes to raising our families. Learn how a fuller understanding of this virtue can make all the difference in your parenting through story, picture, and etymology! Be of good courage!

8:45p Shakespeare in Action with Erin Underwood
It's time for some fun and good laughs together. Grab a script and join us to put Shakespeare where he belongs - on stage!

SUNDAY, April 28

7a Morning Worship & Devotional

7:30a Breakfast

9a Plenary Session #4: The Importance of Peace

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” – Goethe The Charlotte Mason philosophy and method of education has a unique source that encourages shalom in the home. This talk will explore the meaning of peace, how a CM education helps develop peace, and why parents are called to be peacemakers. Nancy will share insights from her own experience as well as some extremely helpful direction from Mason and other solid PNEU teachers on peace in our homes, schools, and lives.

11a-12p Retreat Reflections & Send-Off
We will close out the retreat with a very special time of reflection from the weekend and prayer together. Nancy will lead this beautiful send-off.


12p Optional Lunch - Register by 4/22 for Add-on Meals and Lodging

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